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A Co-operative Party Regional Conference

for the West Midlands

In 2022, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Co-operative Party is once again holding a series of virtual Conferences across all regions and nations of the UK.  Members and supporters from across the West Midlands are invited to take part in this online Zoom event on Saturday 26 February from 10am to 1pm.

The pandemic has shown that we respond to crisis with kindness – shown in the hundreds of mutual aid groups that have established, in the way that community and co-operative businesses have stepped up to support those in need, and in the way that people made huge sacrifices to limit the spread of the virus. As we rebuild from Covid-19, we want to look at how we ensure this co-operation can live on.

The theme for this Conference is Building Community Power – how we can strengthen community wellbeing and resilience by examining how communities themselves can make a difference.  By empowering our communities we can actively involve them in the decisions that affect their lives. We will examine how we can widen ownership in our economy and give people the tools and support to tackle the big issues from inequality and hunger to green jobs and high street regeneration.

The programme is currently being put together and will include a series of participatory online sessions including:

  • Building Community Power – hear from a series of speakers representing the breadth and diversity of community projects across our region as they share their learning and identify common principles that can be implemented on a wider basis.
  • Campaigning with the Co-operative Party – #UnlocktheHighStreet – hear more about you can bring your community together to make change happen, with ideas and examples of how they can work for you and your local area.
  • The Co-operative Party and it’s influence in Westminster – a keynote address from a local Labour & Co-operative MP on the current work of  the Co-op Party parliamentary group.
  • 2 discussions on our policy consultations for 2022 (Health and International Development). Members are invited to join these workshops as we explore these important areas of policy in further detail.
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26th Feb
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
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