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Councillors - Campaigning for Fair Tax 


17.5% of UK public procurement contracts – with a combined value of £37.5bn – were won by businesses with connections to a tax haven. This means that not only is less money available for the vital public services we all rely on, but that the smaller, local businesses in our borough/ city can’t compete because it’s not a level playing field.

As Co-operative Councillors, we believe in a tax system that is fair, and ensures that business pays the right tax at the right time.

The Fair Tax Mark is an accreditation given to businesses that have good tax practices, and it is no surprise that many co-operatives and the Co-op Party are already signed up.

Councils can also sign up to the Fair Tax Mark, and encourage others to do the same.

Take Action Now

1. Get your council to sign up to the Councils for Fair Tax Declaration

It allows councils to show their support for the fair tax movement and call for greater transparency in our tax system. Find out if your council has already signed up here.

  • Download the Motion (English) here
  • Download the Motion (Welsh) here
  • Download the Scottish Motion here

2. Share our pledge and petition here

3. Download our Fairtax motion to pass at your CLP.