Month of action – Co-operative Party

We want to see more councils sign the Charter and we want to celebrate those that have, and we want the Government to give victims a right to work.

How to get involved

  • Councillors

    If you're a councillor and your council has not yet passed the Charter against on Modern Slavery, download it here and take it to Group and Council in September. You'll be joining some of the biggest councils in the UK if you pass this important measure.

  • Labour Party Members

    If you are a member of the Labour Party, then take this draft motion to branch and GC and get Labour members to sign our petition.

    Email your secretary now - secretaries require up to 14 days' notice for motions. Members of the Co-operative Party can also take the motion to their branches.

  • Is my council implementing the Charter?

    Check  whether your council has adopted the Co-operative Party's Charter on Modern Slavery below.

  • Get involved locally

    Take part in activities to raise the profile of modern slavery in your area: hold  a street stall, run a petition, write letters to the local paper, or share on social media. If you want to help fill in the form and we'll be in touch.

Sign up to be part of the Co-operative Party month of action against modern slavery later this year

Let us know how you'd be willing to help, fill in a few details, and we'll be in touch with further information and resources to help you make it happen.

Is my council implementing the Charter?

See if your council in England and Scotland is implementing the Charter.

Different legislation exists in Wales and Northern Ireland. Areas marked in blue have either signed or passed our motion (or both). Where the area is purple, the motion has debated the issue in council and the motion has been referred on to Cabinet or a committee for further consideration. Where the area is light blue/teal the council has passed a motion inspired by our Charter.