NEC Elections 2023 Supporting Nominations – Co-operative Party

 NEC Election 2023 Nomination Form

Self-nominations for the NEC Elections 2023-26 closed on Sunday.  Party Councils and branches are now invited to submit supporting nominations for candidates for the eleven seats to represent Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the English regions.  You can find a full list of candidates here.

Each party council and branch may make up to two supporting nominations, at least one of which must be for a woman. Only one valid nomination was received for Wales, so that candidate will be declared elected and supporting nominations are not required.

Supporting nominations must be agreed at a quorate meeting to which all eligible members have been invited.  They may only be made for candidates in your section, although they may be for someone from a different region.  For example, a branch in London may nominate a candidate from the East region, or vice versa.

Ideally, you will have already scheduled these meetings to take place after the hustings for your nation or region, when members will have had a chance to hear the candidates speak and to submit questions. You can find the dates for your local husting and register here.  If you haven’t already sent notice for your nomination meeting, it would be a good idea to include the link to your region’s hustings and encourage your members to attend and submit questions.

Information on the candidates, as submitted with their nomination, is available on the Party’s website here and no other materials should be circulated. Candidates should not attend supporting nomination meetings. The exception to this is a candidates’ own branch, where they may speak and vote.

Supporting nominations are only being invited for your national or regional candidates.  You should not seek to endorse candidates for the BAME, (dis)Ability, LGBTQ+, Elected Representatives or Youth positions, as not all members in your branch or party council will be eligible to attend those hustings or vote.

The closing date for party councils and branches to submit supporting nominations is 12 March.  

Use the form below to submit your branch or party council’s nomination.