How to use these logos

Feel free to download party logos for use in print and online. For best results, make sure you use the correct format!

  • Logos are available for the Co-operative Party’s core brand and for national parties and networks.
  • Each version of the logo is available in the following formats:
    • .EPS – The best choice for professional design software including Illustrator and InDesign
    • .PNG – Suitable for use online and printing. If using for print, please use the files with ‘hires’ in the file name
    • .WMF – Works well with all Microsoft Office software including Word, PowerPoint and publisher
    • .JPG – Use only where no other format will do (in most cases a PNG will be accepted). JPGs are designed for photos, not logos, and likely to come out blurry!
  • Logos are supplied for use only by elected officers of the Party and local party units. They should not be used to imply endorsement or sponsorship without prior approval by an officer of the Party.
  • These logos should not be altered or amended in any way. This includes altering the proportions, colour or shape, or adding or removing elements.
  • If you need anotherĀ format, size or colour please contact
Core Brand
Co-operative Party Local
Scottish Co-operative Party
Welsh Co-operative Party
Co-operative Party Women's Network
Co-operative Party Youth
Labour & Co-operative