A right to food – Co-operative Party

What are we campaigning for?

The Co-operative Party wants to see a right to food. In practice, we have a different approach in the distinct parts of the UK.

In Holyrood

We are asking for the SNP to live up to its promise of a Good Food Nation Bill and asking for a right to food to be incorporated in the Bill.

In the Senedd

The Welsh Government is consulting on new national milestones and we are keen to see a right to nutritious and healthy food in these and measurement of food poverty as an indicator of a cohesive Wales. We are also asking for renewed Government support for food co-operatives.

In Westminster

We want Michael Gove live up to his promise of a post-Brexit food-plan, and we want to see Sustainable Development Goal 2 (a commitment to zero hunger by 2030) incorporated into UK law.

Why is it necessary?

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or Global Goals) are well-known and form part of our obligations to support developing countries. Less well-known is that they apply domestically. The second SDG is 'zero hunger by 2030'.

Despite this obligation, food poverty appears to be increasing not decreasing:

Incorporating SDG2 into domestic law would send a powerful signal about the UK's commitment to addressing food poverty.


Join the fight for food justice

8 million people in the UK struggle to put on the table and are ‘food insecure’.

That’s why we’re calling on Government and the other main political parties to support incorporating Sustainable Development Goal 2 (“zero hunger by 2030”) into UK law.

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