To our nation's Retail Heroes...

Thank you to the shopworkers and food supply workers who have kept us safe and fed during this incredibly challenging time. We won’t forget your hard work, relentless determination and bravery during this crisis — now or in the future.

Yours thankfully,

10,000 supporters, members and friends of the Co-operative Party

10,000 Thank Yous

Those on the front line of this crisis in shops, supermarkets and the food supply chain have faced a tough job keeping our country fed and supplied. We're proud of our retail heroes and we want to make sure they get the recognition they deserve.

That's why we organised this virtual thank you card, and we are awed that over 10,000 people have added their names and sent in messages of thanks to retail workers.

We're publishing a selection of the responses below, and adding one of our own: Thank you. Thank you to the shopworkers and food supply workers who have kept us safe and fed during this incredibly challenging time. We won’t forget your hard work, relentless determination and bravery during this crisis — now or in the future.

We will leave the card open and will continue to update this page with messages as we receive them. If you'd like to sign the card and leave a message now, click here.

Well done shop-workers – risking your own health to help feed the nation. Proud of each and every one of you.  – Margaret

I want to say how much you are valued and appreciated, efficient management ensuring stocks are there and operations run smoothly, hardworking suppliers, the brilliant staff on the shop floor, cleaners and maintenance working hard to keep a safe environment, folks manning the phones and the cheerful delivery drivers providing a lifeline to those of us in shielding category with health problems that can no longer leave our homes... Thank you – Carol

We would like to personally thank all the staff who work in the Co-op store in Bowburn – it has been a life-saver during this trying time. The store is mainly well stocked and the staff are always helpful – our clapping on a Thursday at 8 o'clock includes all your staff – including the ladies in the Co-op Bank in Durham City who are always friendly and helpful – thank you! – Lynda and Dennis

As a nurse in the NHS for 31 years I say thank you for keeping the country going. Without all of you we couldn't do our job. Stay safe and remember we the NHS staff clap on Thursday's for you all and every key worker. – Lynne

Thanks for all you are doing to ensure that anxiety about food and other essentials is now over. We must make sure that your efforts and the importance of what you do is remembered and rewarded when this situation is over. – Tony

Thank you for all the extra effort you are putting in to keep us fed. Particularly when ordering online it is not easy to share our appreciation. Thank you again for everything you are doing in these very difficult times. – Andrew

Thank you for your going well beyond what should be expected of you – the long hours, added responsibilities and above all the great risks you take daily to keep the shops open and all of us fed. This lockdown could not happen without your generosity of spirit. – Anna

I work in retail myself, and I am amazed how many are working so hard to keep people fed. Helping keep the nation safe is vital. Shop and shop delivery services are showing the rest of the nation how we can pull together. – Stephen

Thank you so much for your vital work during this unprecedented situation. Your service is a community and a national service. Because of you, we are all stronger. Thank you again and stay safe. – Chris

Your work is so important and I can only imagine how stressful it must be to be on the frontline every day. I hope all customers treat you with the respect and gratitude that you deserve at this time. – Richard

Your hard work and cheerfulness in such adversity has not gone unnoticed and is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU! – Anne

Thanks very much for your brilliant and steadfast work in very difficult times. Keep safe and well x  – Clare

Thanks to everyone at Church Streeton Coop for continuing to serve us at such a difficult time! – Trevor

Thanks so very much for all you do, not just your extraordinary efforts now but what you do day in and day out to provide such a great service to the community. – Kim

Thanks so much for keeping the shelves full and helping ensure the nation is fed. I really appreciate being able to shop earlier or not queue by showing my NHS badge. This means I can get back to caring for my patients sooner. – Jo

Thanks guys at Shepway, Maidstone. You have always been helpful and friendly but even more so at this difficult time. – Mandy

Thanks for keeping going and being so friendly and helpful even in these really difficult circumstances. I hope you stay safe. – Allison

Thank you. Just had a delivery so that as an elderly couple with health problems we have not had to put ourselves at risk. So thank you to the person who picked and packed our shopping and those who delivered it. – Joan

Thank you! You are all #RetailHeroes – Robert

Thank you to all colleagues in our stores keeping the nation fed whilst remaining positive in such a tough time. As an ex store colleague I know how tough it is on a 'normal' day and seeing what you re doing in your local communities on social media is inspiring and you should all be extremely proud. I thank each and every one of you. Stay safe and well. – Natasha

Thank you so much for maintaining such a crucial service in such difficult circumstances. – Tony

Thank you for keeping the Co-op in Sturry open. There are few other choices for us in this village, and it is much appreciated! – Michael

Thank you for everything you’re doing! All of the retail staff I’ve met in the last few weeks have been so polite, helpful, friendly and conscientious about keeping everything safe and well organised. A massive thank you! – Janine

Thank you for everything you have done and are continuing to do in such terribly challenging circumstances. You are all unsung heroes, on so many levels, to so many people! – John

Thank you for everything you are doing to keep us safe and able to continue to get the items we need. You are all amazing. Stay safe and well. – Julie

Thank you for all your hard work. Putting safety measures in place so we can shop safely. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. – Rachel

Thank you for all you have done at this distressing time, Weaverham Coop workers have been wonderful and patient Thank You, Keep Safe. – Winifred

Thank you for all the hard work that you all heroes are putting in for the people of UK during this crisis. I am extremely grateful for your patience and dedication in helping people around the world. – Jaspreet

Thank you for all that you are doing and special thanks to all at the Erleigh Road, Reading Co-operative store – Brian

Supermarket workers have done an immense job on the front line under great pressure at considerable personal risk to keep the nation fed. Many thanks to all that have been unstinting in their service at this desparate time. – Chris

Staff at both Midcounties and The Coop are doing an excellent job in our local stores. Well done!  –Nick

Simply put, without your hard work providing the essentials upon which we all depend, we would not survive. Thank you all, front of house, supply chain, everyone. – John

My sister works for the Co-op as a checkout operator so this is important to me. – Heather

Many, many thanks for your front line work in keeping the country fed during this difficult time of the coronavirus pandemic. Your selfless willingness to put yourselves in danger for the good of everyone is highly appreciated by everyone. Your work is essential for keeping the country functioning and is of vital importance at this time. Thank you! – Mike

Just want to say thanks for carrying on and being there for all of us in these difficult times. We really appreciate it.  – Pam

It must be a scary time to be at work at the moment. Thank you for continuing to work hard so the rest of us have food to eat. – Richard

It is heartening indeed to see people finally valuing the workers who try to keep food on every person in the country's table. A bigger thank you to the farmers who bring that food into existence. It is a mammoth task for all involved in the food chains. My sincere thanks to all. – Mandy

I've been a Co-op member since the 1960s. I've always supported the movement, and received excellent service. During this extraordinary pandemic the staff at the Co-op shops have been outstanding. I would like to thank them all, not just the shop staff, but the cleaners, drivers, office staff. They're a total credit to the Co-operative movement and deserve a huge thank you from everyone, customers, suppliers, and management. – Jane

I'm a wheelchair user who usually shops for groceries online, but can't do this at the moment as can't get delivery slots. The local shops I've used recently have been well stocked and the staff have been helpful.  – Marian

I'm a shop worker and I want to thank all my hard working colleagues for turning up every day and doing their job x – Su

I would just like to say a Big Thank You to All Retail Staff! I used to work in retail so I know how hard it is without what's going on now!! I thank you for staying open and helping my husband do our shopping and making sure, the best you all can, that all shelves stay stocked and deliveries to customers happen! Thank you once again! – Nicola

I sympathise with your situation as I'm a Store Manager in Food Retail and I know how hard & frustrating it has been, although the gratitude from the local community has been overwhelming and makes every day worth it x Keep well & Stay safe xx         – Stuart

I really appreciate the efforts you are making to keep us going during these trying times. I wish you good health and hope for an early end to this emergency. – Jos

I could not do without my Co-op, now more than ever. – Sasha  

I am confined to home for 12 weeks – someone shops for me. I am very grateful that you are working to ensure the rest of us have enough food to keep going. – Robert

Hi Guys, I know what tremendous strain you are all experiencing during this most difficult time not only in our history but the history of the world like the NHS employees each and everyone of you are in the so called firing line when you think of the great number of customers you have to deal with every day of every week in a way similar to nursing staff were you are in close contact irrespective of the two metre rule my young Granddaughter 17 years of age works part time at Tesco super store in Havant Hants I am nearly 90 years of age my wife is 89 our thoughts and prayers go out to each and everyone to you and all of your families that you come through this dreadful period in our lives safely and well take good care be safe – Yvonne and Bill

Great job supermarket and small shop workers. Especially well done to the Co-op!  – Val

Go raibh mile maith agaibh. 100% thanks to all for keeping our shops stocked with good food.  – Roisin

Even though I can not come and visit myself, as I am in the vulnerable category, I really appreciate your efforts. There may be hugs when this is over!  – Nick

Covid-19 shows who the important people are: it's you guys, who put food on everyone's table day after day. Thank you for being fabulous!  – Annette

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