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There are many successful food partnerships alliances across the country.

Sustain and Feeding Britain both support and encourage them - you can see their maps showing coverage here and here. If your area has a food partnership then a lead member for food poverty is ideally placed to work closely with them. Where there is not yet a food partnership, a lead member for food poverty would be well placed to convene one.


There are a number of excellent food partnership which stand out, but three in particular demonstrate the range and diversity of these organisations.

Lambeth Food Partnership

Lambeth Food Partnership has a crystal clear mission statement, and as an organisation is recognised by Lambeth Council as fulfilling an essential role in developing the strategic direction of the local food system. It brings together residents, community groups, businesses, local government and the NHS to develop and deliver a borough level food strategy.

Its success has been recognised by the London Food Board's annual Good Food for London report; Lambeth has been consistently rated one of the better areas for tackling food poverty in the Capital.

Brighton & Hove Food Partnership

The Brighton & Hove Food Partnership focuses on growing food, cooking and eating as ways to improve people's lives. Whether supporting community gardens, inspiring people to cook healthy food through courses run at their community kitchen, tackling loneliness through shared meals, or tackling food waste they demonstrate the power of people centred approaches.

Good Food in Greenwich

Good Food in Greenwich emerged from a partnership bid with the local authority led by Greenwich Cooperative Development Agency in 2013. With sub groups working on food poverty, food in schools, food growing, waste minimisation and procurement it takes a holistic approach to championing food justice in the Borough.

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The charity Sustain produce regular 'snapshot' case studies of the projects they work with.

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