The Power BookShadow Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change Caroline Flint MP introduces the Power Book launched last month by the Co-operative Party, SERA, LGiU and the Shadow DECC team.

As a new energy industrial revolution unfolds, future technologies, sources of renewable and low carbon energy and their application offer more scope than ever to challenge the existing market, reshape relationships and create new agents of delivery.

There is huge potential for individuals and communities to create and save energy. In truth there are plenty of examples both here and abroad which demonstrate the potential of community energy as a low carbon driver. Important as that is, it is equally about empowering people to take more control over their use of energy and at what price.

At the 2011 Labour Party Conference Ed Miliband talked about responsible capitalism. One year on, it is clear to everyone what he was talking about. Whether it is rising train fares, unfair bank charges or soaring energy bills, it is clear that in too many areas of our society, while there are large profits to be made, ordinary people feel powerless.

‘The Power Book’ is about power. And power relations. About the choices people have to power their homes and businesses and with what. About influencing the cost of energy whether by collective consumer action, community ownership or through reduced energy consumption. About local government and community organisations as low carbon energy providers with local buy in.

Whilst the chapters do not represent Labour Party policy they are a welcome contribution to a more open and diverse energy debate.

Caroline Flint launched the Power Book at Labour Party Conference. It brings together a collection of chapters by different authors, with a foreword by the Rt Hon Caroline Flint MP.

To download your copy of the Power Book, click here.