It's time for Nicola Sturgeon to back up her rhetoric with legislation that puts community co-ops at the heart of Scottish public procurement

I was delighted to have been selected recently as the Scottish Labour and Co-operative Party candidate for Edinburgh Northern & Leith at the next Scottish Parliament elections.  I was particularly proud to have been selected as a Co-operative Party candidate as well as a Scottish Labour candidate.

I am committed to promoting co-operative and mutual business models as part of the team promoting the Co-operative Capital on Edinburgh City Council.  I look forward to joining the Co-operative Party’s MSPs promoting a Co-operative Scotland in the Scottish Parliament. That is why I want to draw your attention to the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Bill which will go through its final parliamentary stages next Tuesday (13th May).

My colleague James Kelly MSP has been battling for more recognition of the importance of the Co-operative sector in this important piece of legislation.  He has been arguing that the Scottish Government should say that co-operatives should be considered whenever public money is being spent on a contract.

The Scottish Government says that it supports co-operatives but when push comes to shove it does not back up the rhetoric with legislation. I am tweeting Nicola Sturgeon asking her to change her mind and support James Kelly’s amendment which will promote co-operatives please join me.