Today we’re publishing ‘A plan for a co-operative Britain where power and wealth are shared’, the Co-operative Party’s policy platform for the 2017 General Election.

The Plan – which has been released online and is accompanied by a 5-point campaign card, goes beyond the rhetoric of ‘taking back control’ and offers offers a comprehensive and concrete plan for a Britain in which ordinary people are given genuine power over the decisions and services that affect their daily lives.

As well as setting out our priorities for the Party, our members and elected representatives for next Parliament, this policy platform is also our chance to who showcase the values and solutions offered by the co-operative movement. It’s also our opportunity to contribute our distinctive voice in a crucial General Election in which our country’s future is perhaps more uncertain than in any other in recent times.

Reflecting on the lessons of the two years since the last General Election, this Manifesto has localism at its heart, with a particular emphasis on regional growth, looking beyond the M25 to empower devolved governments to build community wealth from the bottom up and to create a new network of regional banks.

As a Party, we have long championed the rights of consumers. We want to have a conversation about ownership in the private sector, not just about public services and utilities – and have put forward proposals to re-establish the link between profits and wages with new legislation to ensure businesses with more than 50 employees set up a profit sharing scheme with their staff.

This Plan also offers the tools needed for a consumer revolution –  where responsible businesses who play fairly are rewarded and a new consumer ombudsman would give customers greater powers to take on those companies who don’t.

Download the Plan in full

A co-operative plan for a Britain where power and wealth are shared
The Co-operative Party's policy platform in advance of the 2017 General Election

Campaign card

A co-operative plan for a Britain where power and wealth are shared.

Rebalance Britain’s economy

Double the size of the co-operative movement, support small businesses, and generate wealth from the bottom-up using smarter procurement and a new network of regional banks.

Shake up Britain’s boardrooms

Employees and consumers should be represented on company boards, giving them a say in deciding how the business is run.

Own our energy

Replace the ‘Big Six’ energy giants with thousands of community-owned renewable energy co-operatives.

Break the stranglehold of the big banks

Create financial services for people, not profit, with a new generation of building societies and stronger credit unions.

Social care that puts users and carers first

Shift profits and power from shareholders to carers and service users, to build a social care system we can be proud of.

Fix our broken housing market

Provide a secure and affordable alternative for private renters with new co-operative housing.

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