In 2018, your work has ensured that the Co-operative Party’s voice, membership and influence have continued to grow:

Doubling the size of the Co-operative economy

Labour’s 2017 Election manifesto pledged to double the size of the co-operative sector. We’ve been developing plans to make that ambition a reality. In July, Co-operatives Unleashed was published, an independent report commissioned by the Party which outlines some first steps.

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Leading the fight against modern slavery

From Westminster to local councils, we’ve been leading the fight against modern slavery. Scrutiny from Co-operative MPs forced the government to strengthen enforcement of its own Modern Slavery Act, while over 60 councils have now signed up to the Charter Against Modern Slavery.

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Shaping Labour’s agenda

At this year’s Labour Party Conference, the influence of the Co-operative Party’s ideas was recognised in speeches from across the Shadow Cabinet. Off the Conference floor, the largest Co-operative Party fringe in recent times discussed topics from self-employment to modern slavery, with partners from across the labour and co-operative movements.

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Unleashing our movement’s potential

Our Annual Conference, titled Unleashed, showcased the ambition of our movement and Party. Hundreds of delegates came together to shape party policy including voting to give the Party’s support for a public vote on the Government’s Brexit deal.

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Holding government to account

On issues from fisheries to cash machine closures, Co-operative Party MPs, MSPs and AMs have held the Government to account and stood up for co-operatives working in these sectors through amendments, parliamentary questions and other work to influence and change the law.