Today sees the welcome launch of the Labour Party’s ‘Stronger Together’ report, which focuses on the positive difference Labour is making in power right across the UK as we look to bring Britain together in a fairer, greener and more secure future.

Undertaken by Co-operative MP and Labour Party Chair Anneliese Dodds MP, the report provides countless examples of Labour delivering for people and communities, from the Labour Government in Wales, Labour-run local authorities, Metro Mayors, and Police and Crime Commissioners.

I’m delighted to see that co-operation sits at the very heart of the report, with examples of co-operative organisations, ideas and initiatives highlighting the incredible work being done by those in our movement.

It’s not a surprise, either.

The ‘Stronger Together’ report seeks to harness the inspirational stories and spirit shown when our country came together during the darkest days of the pandemic, and use that to take Britain forward in the future.

And here in the Co-operative movement, we played a vital role within that.

From the spirit of co-operation shown in the mutual aid groups that sprung up organically to look after vulnerable people in our communities, to the work done by employees in the co-operative retail, childcare and funeral service sectors and the status of essential workers they were rightly afforded, co-operation did so much to keep our country going.

But that’s not all, and the examples highlighted by this report demonstrate the fantastic work being done by our movement that continues to make a difference in communities throughout the UK.

In South Yorkshire, for instance, under Labour and Co-operative Metro Mayor Dan Jarvis a focus on placing co-operatives at the very centre of the economy through his Ownership Hub is ensuring everyone benefits from their resilience, productivity and greater stake in the workplace.

In Tameside, the council has created an infrastructure co-operative that brings people together to increase the speed of new digital infrastructure roll-out, and allow the local economy to benefit from high quality fibre network and the area to become a thriving hub for technology companies.

In Oxford, our co-operative values are reflected in the support from the citizens assembly that will soon lead to the city becoming home to the largest community-owned solar farm, contributing to our net zero efforts.

These examples and so many others like them show the strength of our movement, in how we utilise our co-operative values and principles into practical action on the ground and make real differences in our communities.

The ‘Stronger Together’ report does much to set out the fantastic work being done where Labour is in power, and the lessons we must take from this as we look towards the future and oncoming elections in showing people how we can repay the trust they place in us and deliver on what matters to them.

The theme of co-operation is central to this, and I’m looking forward to our Party and movement building on these examples and continuing to play a key role with our sister party in securing the change our country desperately needs.