It is deeply disappointing that the SNP and Greens have sought to delay the Right to Food Bill at committee today.

The pandemic has made the Right to Food Bill even more urgent.  The pandemic has made clear that far too many people in Scotland struggle to feed their families

To delay on this vital matter sends a message to the public that this government is not interested in tackling food poverty.

There is no time for dither and delay. The SNP and Greens need to drop their partisan opposition to this vital bill and put the needs of the people of Scotland above petty politics.

This delay is hugely disappointing, but I look forward to continuing to work with the Scottish Co-operative Party and the wider co-operative movement to bring forward proposals that will enshrine the Right to Food in Scots Law.

This should be about delivering food justice.  In the new consultation I look forward to hearing, once again, the voice of  food banks and people with experience of food poverty making the case for the Right to Food in Scots Law.