I hope you have had the opportunity to embrace, explore and participate in Black History Month. As the month comes to an end, I am pleased that in Hackney we made a decision to celebrate Black History Season. There is so much rich vibrancy and History to share  that we want to celebrate and raise awareness beyond a month.

It is critical that the untold stories of Black Britons are not just told but celebrated. Black History is intrinsically part of our British History and if these contributions are not known we are all robbed of our British History. This is why I created The Diverse Curriculum- The Black Contribution. Hackney’s Diverse curriculum tells Black history as British history and addresses the imbalance of vital immigrant stories that have contributed to today’s society. As ever, community collaboration is key to how we work in Hackney. This work is a shining example, as it has been curated by the expertise of our teachers who have produced a more inclusive curriculum giving us no more excuses to alienate important parts of our story. I am also thankful to the unions, parents and carers and young people that gave their input. It is linked to the national curriculum and free to all schools and 1,800 schools across the world have signed up so far.

As the first Black woman to be Deputy Mayor of Hackney and first Black woman to be Deputy Leader of the Local Government Association, I am humbled and pleased. But I want to be part of a legacy to make sure I am not the last. I really enjoy the work where I encourage people from Black and other ethnic minorities to stand for elections as representation is key in any season. I also hope that young people see me as proof that there is not only space – but urgent necessity – for Black people in politics and I look forward to seeing a future where we can all rise.