I have been with Leicester Co-op Party since 1995. In the last couple of years, it has been rejuvenated with new members, new officers, and a commitment to be an active and outward-facing branch. I have been a delegate to Leicester West Constituency Labour Party (CLP) for 30 years as both a Co-op and a Labour branch delegate.

Following discussion of the Fair Tax Declaration at the co-op meeting, I was happy to take the resolution to the CLP’s General Committee (GC) as the next step on its journey to being adopted by Leicester City Council.

Having previously taken the ‘Unlock the High Street’ resolution successfully through the GC, it came as no surprise that Labour Party members from all sides of the party were unanimously supported another Co-op resolution, this time exposing the scandalous way that some companies can get away with finding legal ways to avoid paying tax on their UK businesses.

The resolution was sent to the Labour Group, who I am confident will pass it and agree at full Council to sign Fair Tax Declaration.

As a Co-op delegate I was able to raise our profile to those members of the CLP who were unaware of what we do and reinforce our enduring relationship with Labour.

Leicester City Council has all-out elections next year. We need to recruit more members and encourage more people to stand as Labour & Co-operative candidates. Engaging with Labour Party meetings is essential to highlighting our values and principles locally.