Big Ben, London
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

This week in Parliament will see the remaining stages of the Government’s Retained EU Law Bill.

Under the cover of Brexit, the Government is attempting to give itself the power to delete over 4,000 laws overnight and then ensure Ministers, not the MPs you voted for, can decide what happens next.

These proposals in the Retained EU Law bill mean that the future of environmental regulations such as those preventing sewage being dumped in our seas, the air quality on our streets and regulating chemical use including pesticides are at risk.

I know these are issues that Co-operative Party members have passionately campaigned on in the past – and now that work is under threat.

The amendment seeks to challenge this approach and instead ensure that in our democracy it is our elected representatives who can decide what laws affect us, not Ministers and civil servants in back rooms.

You can support this amendment by writing to your MP today using this link to ask them to uphold Parliamentary sovereignty and protect our environmental standards and our rights.