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I’m a Chartered Accountant, and having once worked for the Co-op Group, I have seen first-hand the benefits of a values-led approach to business. What perhaps impressed me the most was that the culture of doing business the right way tends to attract similar-minded businesses to your supply chain. It’s Co-operative Principle 6 (co-operation with other co-operatives) made real. It’s that cultural shift that I want to embed in the way that Hyndburn Council does business, and that’s why I brought the Fair Tax Motion to full Council.

We’re ambitious for Hyndburn. In addition to the day-to-day activities that all councils carry out, we have several potentially transformational projects underway. I sense that there is a genuine opportunity in Hyndburn to use our procurement power to positively affect change here.

Hyndburn Council is finely balanced. Votes are generally too close to call, and we narrowly lost a Co-op Party inspired motion on High Streets last year. That’s why I was delighted that the Fair Tax Motion was passed, and I’m grateful for the support that I received from other Co-op councillors and the wider Labour Group. As with any initiative, it’s all down to the implementation. We’ll be drawing on the expertise of others who have passed the motion, and ensuring that we embed a Fair Tax culture into the way the Council does business.