September 2023 – Co-operative Party
aerial view of city during daytime

A vision for community power.

The Labour vision for community power that we have outlined in the paper published this week will feel like home to many Co-op members and activists. It codifies what we know and have advocated for – for local communities to be heard and heeded in the places where decisions are taken and laws are made.

brown and white concrete house

Delivering Climate Justice Through Community Wealth Building

Addressing the climate crisis is integral to Labour’s thinking nationally but also locally in Preston and across our movement. Moving toward net zero supply chains has become central to our progressive procurement objectives but so has the promotion of democratic ownership to support a just transition.

Co-operating at Leicester Pride

The Pride Movement has blossomed over the last decade with even the more remote parts of the nation hosting their own annual Pride event. Accordingly Pride events provide a "not to be missed" opportunity for Labour and Co-operative to reach out to the public in a relaxed atmosphere.