Annual Conference 2023: Final Agenda

Issy Oozerally
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6th September 2023
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20th September 2023
25th July 2024
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For the attention of Party Officers (Secretary & Chair) and Secretaries of Subscribing Societies

Ambition for Change: Co-operative Party Annual Conference 2023

Final Agenda

Following a strategic review in November 2022 by the Co-operative Party NEC, 2023 sees the start of a new two-year rolling programme of online then in-person Annual Conferences. With in-person Regional, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland conferences taking place in the alternate years.


The full daily programme for Ambition for Change: Co-operative Party Annual Conference 2023 is available here:  2023 Conference Programme

All sessions are available ONLINE-ONLY.   Joining links for all the sessions are list on this programme. All registered attendees will also receive daily reminders emailed to them.

Business of Conference

Taking place on Zoom on Sunday 24 September:

  • Policy debate on Housing, followed by response from Chair NEC Policy Sub-Committee
  • Business of Conference:
  • Do note:
    • No organisational motions were received in order (by date determined by CAC).
    • No nominees for the Conference Arrangements Committee were received, so those current in roles will continue in 2024.
  • Housing policy
  • Members subscription for 2024
  • Rule Change
  • Emergency motions (if received)

Procedure for Voting:

  • Lead delegates will be able to vote via codes sent to individuals after Conference closes.  This will be open for 1-week.
Registering Delegates

All Party Councils and Subscribing Societies have been asked to Register Your Delegates .  The deadline for this was Friday 8 September.  All nominated delegates will receive information on attending Conference and links to the necessary paperwork.

If your Party Council or Subscribing Societies has not done this please email Emma Foody with names, also specifying your lead delegate who will be responsible for card votes.

Delegation meet ups

In order to discuss your delegation voting position, it is advised that Party Council and Subscribing Societies Secretaries arrange a Zoom meeting for their delegation in advance of Conference.  It is suggested to do this week commencing 18th September (after 7.30pm).  If you need assistance with arranging this, please contact


The Conference will be live captioned.  If you have any other accessibility requirements, please email

Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC)

CAC governs the procedure of the business of Conference.  The CAC is composed of five persons: two elected by ballot at each Annual Conference (one to serve for 3 years and one to serve for 1 year) and a fifth member from the NEC. These are currently Theresa Vaughan – chair, Lis Telcs, Jackie Jones and Chris Wilson (NEC representative), with staff CAC Secretary Issy Oozeerally. Theresa Vaughan’s term of office ends in 2023 and there is one vacant space.

Achievement awards

Our Recognition Awards are a small way that we can say thank you to those members who have played a big part in helping developing the Co-operative Party. The Awards are open to all members, recognising those who have made a lifetime of contribution to the movement, as well as those who may have joined more recently but have made a big impact already. You can nominate any member, officer, councillor or elected representative.  Please click here to nominate.

Organisational and emergency motions

No organisation motions have been received.  Emergency motions must be received in writing and seconded by the Lead Delegate of no fewer than two organisations represented at Conference.  Please refer to the Rule Book page 23 for more information.

Rule change

There is one rule change.  See here: Rule Change

Membership subscription

Details will be circulated with the final agenda, 2 weeks in advance of Conference.

Networks Conference

This year to expand on the amazing work of our member-led Equality Networks, we are hosting our Networks Conference online on Saturday 9th September. Further information will follow shortly.

Deadlines and dates for your diary

  • Mon 18 Sept 5.45pm – CAC Chairs verbal report
  • 18, 19, 21 September – Parliamentary Reports
  • Saturday 23rd: Annual Conference Day 1 ( – 10am to 2pm
  • Sunday 24th: Annual Conference Day 2 (Zoom) – 9.30am to 1pm
  • 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 September – Reports from Member-led Equality Networks

Issy Oozeerally 
Events Officer & CAC Secretary

Action Points
  • Advise names of your organisations delegates
    Advise the names of the delegates your organisation will send to Conference 2022, plus provide any accessibility issues (More)
  • Arrange an advance delegation meeting up on Zoom
    Use this to discuss your organisations (Society, Party Council or branch) voting positions.
For more information

Issy Oozeerally

Events Officer