All Party Officers – Co-operative Party
February 2021

Reporting donations (including Society grants)

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Please send details of grants and donations your party or branch has received this quarter - deadline Friday 16 April. Unlike in the General Election, we do not have to submit weekly donations returns for the Scottish and Welsh Parliament and local elections in England but see separate briefing on Election Spend.
January 2021
December 2020

Our new Organising Team

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Branches and member activity and campaigning are central to the work of the Co-operative Party, and our goal of building a society where power and wealth are shared.

NEC Update – Winter 2020

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This newsletter updates officers and activists on the work of the NEC. Please share this with your members but remember that this is an internal document, not to be shared externally or on social media.
November 2020

Holding Online AGMs

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Due to the ongoing restrictions, many branches and party councils have not held an AGM in 2020. As it is unlikely that in-person meetings will be able to resume in the next few months, we are issuing guidance that will allow you to hold your AGM online instead.

NEC Update – Autumn 2020

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This update gives an outline of issues discussed at the first meeting of the NEC. Please do share this information with your members in meetings but remember that this is an internal Party briefing and is not to be shared outside of the Party, with the press or on social media.
October 2020
September 2020
August 2020
July 2020
June 2020
May 2020
March 2020


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This briefing sets out the Party’s plans for dealing with the Coronavirus and its impact on events and Party meetings. We will review and update this as Government advice changes, so please check back regularly.
February 2020
January 2020