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25th October 2022
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25th October 2022
24th May 2024
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This is a resource to help Branch Officers plan activity for the upcoming year, making sure branches are active and engaging spaces for members to participate in.

Local meetings, events and campaigns sessions are an important way to build and develop your local branch, engage members in our work and elect officers and delegates. This guide should help in planning what your branch will do in the next year.

Co-operative Party guidance is that you should aim for most of your meetings to be online, this digital first approach will make it easier for you to organise your events, and also makes them more accessible to a wider group of members. Branches aim to have four meetings per year covering a broad range of topics – we suggest three should be online and one take place in person.

It’s imporant that each event you organise has a clear purpose and is well planned as this makes sure that meetings are a good use of your time and that members feel they’ve had the chance to contribute to the Party’s work. Well planned meetings will also help grow the number of people who attend regularly and recruit volunteers to help you organise future meetings.

In this guide we’ve suggested some of the types of meetings and events that you may want to consider – you will know what works best for your area, whether that a policy debate, campaign session, candidate meeting, education seminar, AGM or social event.

If you need any help organising and planning your event, then get in touch with your Regional Organiser.

Getting Started: tips for local meetings
Template Plan for the Year
Policy discussion
Campaign Session on a local or national issue
Meeting with Co-operative representatives
Invite an external speaker from the co-operative movement
Hold an AGM to elect officers and plan for the year ahead
Action Points
  • Branch meetings
    Plan your branch activity for 2023
  • Branch AGMs
    Make sure officers are elected on an annual basis
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