Fairtrade Fortnight 2019 Review and Party Policy

John Boyle
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13th March 2019
Last updated:
9th April 2019
22nd January 2021
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The Co-operative Party has supported Fairtrade right from the outset!

I know our members attended, organised and promoted Fairtrade events over Fairtrade Fortnight 2019.

Events were held in London, Llanelli, Exeter, Central Valleys, Peterborough, Broxborough & East Hertfordshire, Merton, Dartford, Birmingham and Kettering for which I would like to thank the officers and members concerned.

However I have heard that events were held inĀ  several other places around the UK.

I would like to report on all the events the Co-operative Party held or supported during the Fortnight. And then send the report to our sponsoring Societies and Co-op News.

If members have photos and would be happy to send those in that would be even better.

May I also ask if any branches or Party Councils still have links with their local Fairtrade Town groups? These groups tend to encourage co-operation in trade and society and are ideal recruiting opportunities. I know some of our officers are involved in the Fairtrade group already. If you think you have a Fairtrade group in your locale would you like to make links. Active groups hold events throughout the year. Several would be happy to speak at a Co-operative meeting.

Policy events

If you are holding a policy event soon, would you let me know so we can help promote it and if you have any needs for policy resources we can send them to you, in time for your event.

Action Points
  • Fairtrade event
    send me the date, the place and the activity
  • Policy event
    send me the date, the venue and the subject.
For more information
John Boyle

Party Support and Principle Six Officer