Get ready for Co-operatives Fortnight 2021 Mon 21st June to Sat 4th July 2021

John Boyle
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28th January 2021
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25th February 2021
25th July 2024
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Co‑op Fortnight (Co-ops14) starts 21 June till the International Co-operatives Day 4 July 2021. The call is for everyone to #JoinACoop.

This briefing is to suggest ideas for your branch, Party Council and individual member can do to get involved?

Co‑op Fortnight is an annual campaign, led by Co-ops UK for the whole Movement in the UK  that sees hundreds of co‑operatives and organisations across the UK working together to promote co‑ops.

Co-ops UK are asking co‑ops to start planning how they can get involved and spread the message. Some of their ideas to help: are

Launch a membership recruitment campaign.

Hold events and activities to engage and thank your members.

Celebrate your members by telling their stories on social media.

Let the world know how your members responded to Covid‑19,

Write a blog telling the world why you are a member of a co‑op.

Use the hashtag #JoinACoop to inspire people throughout the country to join a co‑op.


But what can the Co-op Party add?

Well, recruiting members for the Party is a good place to start. Can you plan a campaign, where members of your branch are encouraged to encourage those around them to join the Party?. What resources would they need. Can the branch provide them? Ask us if we can help.

Make sure you tell us your plans so we can promote your activities before and during Co‑op Fortnight!

#JoinACoop also means encouraging people to join a Co-op, why not see if you can develop links with a Co-op in your area and encourage them to Join the Co-op Party? WE are after all a Co-operative.

Three things your branch and Party Council can do

  1. find out about at least one Co-op in your area and invite them to a meeting.
  2. hold one event during Co-ops14
  3. Tweet, Facebook, Instagram and other social media apps like mad. Use @coopparty for twitter and Instagram for Facebook.


To sum up, let us know what you are planning and ask for assistance.