Local Elections 2019

Emma Hoddinott
For attention of:
30th January 2019
Last updated:
8th February 2019
14th July 2020
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This briefing details a new online process to help local parties with administration of selections as well as an updated guide for those interested in standing as Labour & Co-operative Councillors.

Many local Labour Parties are already well underway with selections for next year’s local elections. If someone is selected as a Labour Party candidate they can apply for the Co-operative Party endorsement so they can stand as a Labour & Co-operative candidate.

Last year the London Party Council trialled online applications for candidates, and following its success, it’s now being made available to all party regions for the 2019 local elections.

This model selection process will be supported by Head Office, maintains decision making at a local level but reduces the administrative burden on local officers.

There is also a local election briefing available on becoming a Co-operative Councillor, which you can share with interested candidates.

Online Process
Local Party Selection Processes
Short Guide for Candidates
Action Points
  • Read about the new process and ensure your region has a process for endorsing candidates
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