Party Officers’ Briefing: Brexit

Claire McCarthy
For attention of:
15th February 2019
Last updated:
14th February 2019
28th July 2021
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The Co-operative Party's approach to Brexit.

At Co-operative Party Annual Conference  in October, delegates adopted new Party policy on the Brexit process, alongside the ‘Britain’s Relationship with the EU’  policy paper.  The Party’s members voted to support policy statements that made it clear that:

  • We are a proudly internationalist party, part of a global movement
  • We are concerned about the potential negative impact of Brexit on the co-operative movement
  • We believe the best route forward would be for Government to seek continued access to the Single Market and a Customs Union
  • ‘No deal’ would be dangerous and irresponsible and that if no deal is reached by 29 March then the Government should seek an extension to Article 50.
  • We believe that the final decision should be put into the hands of the people with a public vote on the final Brexit deal.

As a result of the Government’s mishandling of the negotiation our country stands on the brink of a precipice; businesses and families face unprecedented uncertainty.

Now is a critical time to make our voice heard.

  • No Deal is NOT an option
  • If necessary, Article 50 should be extended to allow for more time for negotiation
  • The people should have the final say on whether or not we leave the EU on the terms proposed.

The Co-operative Party seeks to uphold our values not just in our policies but in how we do our politics. Whilst Brexit rightly draws strong opinions, all discussions online and offline must be conducted in a comradely and co-operative fashion. See here for the Party’s rules on conduct.

Action Points