Results of CAC and card votes at 2018 Annual Conference

Karen Wilkie
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17th October 2018
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17th October 2018
24th May 2024
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Sunday of year's Annual Conference included the Society's AGM as well as votes on rule changes, organisational motions and elections to the CAC. Here are the results.

Vote to approve Co‑operative Party Ltd Annual Accounts 2017

For 28,488 CARRIED
Against 0
Spoilt 0

Vote to approve individual annual membership subscription from 2019

For 29,049 CARRIED
Against 0
Spoilt 0

Rule changes

Full wording of the rule changes agreed can be found in the Delegate Handbook, and were circulated to local Parties and Subscribing Societies prior to Conference.

An updated Party rule book which reflects these changes will be made available shortly.

Rule change vote #1

For 24,770 CARRIED
Against 4,279
Spoilt 303

Rule change vote #2

For 25,791 CARRIED
Against 2,339
Spoilt 1,210

Rule change vote #3

For 26,351 CARRIED
Against 2,989
Spoilt 0

Rule change vote #4

For 18,165 CARRIED
Against 119
Spoilt 1,210

Rule change vote #5

For 27,568 CARRIED
Against 0
Spoilt 1,210

Rule change vote #6

For 29,340 CARRIED
Against 0
Spoilt 0

Rule change vote #7

For 24,382 CARRIED
Against 4,958
Spoilt 0

Elections to Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC)

Wendy Palace 65 Not elected
Peter Smith 88 Elected for 3 years
Theresa Vaughan 83 Elected for 1 year



Action Points
  • Report back
    Ensure the results of rule changes, policy debates and other decisions are included in reports back to your party members.
  • Begin implementing new rules
    The rule changes agreed upon will be incorporated into an updated rule book which will be circulated soon. In the meantime, do take a moment to think about how the changes may affect your local party and how individual officers (such as Secretary) carry out their work.
For more information

For questions or queries about rule changes or any other aspect of formal Conference business, contact Karen Wilkie

Karen Wilkie

Deputy General Secretary