Send us your ideas for doubling the size of the co-operative sector – and have the chance to present them at Conference

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5th October 2018
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5th October 2018
27th October 2020
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At this year's Annual Conference, we’re asking members to share their ideas to double the size of the co-operative movement. Here's how to take part.

Some background

In July, the New Economics Foundation (NEF) published an independent report Co‑operatives Unleashed: Doubling the Size of the UK’s co‑operative sector, which was commissioned by the Party.

The Report sets out some key policies a future government could implement—but it’s only the start. Saturday morning of Conference is your chance to share your own ideas, thoughts and reflections too.

Co-operatives Unleashed: Doubling the size of the UK’s Co-operative Sector
An independent report from the New Economics Foundation (NEF) commissioned by the Co-operative Party

Things to think about

  • What factors currently hold back the expansion of individual co‑operative businesses and the wider co‑operative sector?
  • What areas of the co-operative movement are ripe for further growth?
  • How do we ‘mainstream’ co-operatives so that co-operatives are no longer the exception, but the rule in our economy?
  • Where might there be opportunities for co-operatives to expand into new areas of our economy or society?
  • What single policy or set of steps could a future government take that would have the greatest impact for growing co-operative enterprises?
Action Points
For more information

For questions about the Session, or how to take part, contact Joe Fortune.

Joe Fortune

General Secretary