Sexual Harassment Complaints Policy

Karen Wilkie
For attention of:
6th November 2017
Last updated:
7th December 2017
10th December 2023
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The Co-operative Party believes that our co-operative values should be reflected in our actions as well as our policies. We want all members to feel safe, welcome and respected in our Party.

The Co-operative Party takes seriously all complaints of harassment and discrimination and will not tolerate such behaviour by our members or at our events or meetings.

All complaints of inappropriate behaviour by members of the Co-operative Party including elected representatives are considered under Section E of our Membership Rules which makes it clear that members must not engage in conduct that discriminates against groups or individuals on the basis of a range of characteristics including sex. Sexual harassment is defined as a form of discrimination on the basis of sex.

Note: The Co-operative Party had already planned to review this procedure and the Party’s disciplinary rules to ensure they are consistent with best practise. Any revisions or updates to this policy will be publicised to our members, officers and staff. In addition, it will be provided to the House of Commons Commission.
What is sexual harassment?
Action Points
  • Understand the definition of sexual harassment
  • Read and understand the policy
  • If you wish to make a complaint, contact the Deputy General Secretary
For more information

For more information about the policy or to make a complaint, contact

Karen Wilkie

Deputy General Secretary