So you want to start a Co-op?

Emma Hoddinott
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6th December 2018
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6th December 2018
28th February 2021
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Whether you or someone in your community are thinking of starting a co-op, there is plenty of help and support out there to help you put together your plans.

If you have the thought that a co-op might be the way forward, then we’ve put together the resources and support that’s around to help you think through that process. You could be looking to set up a community pub or provide food in the community; addresses issues in social and childcare, or even, like Witney, setting up your own bus company!


The Hive
Co-op Development Agencies
Plunkett Foundation
Local Councils
Co-op Loan Fund
Action Points
  • Read about the support available and make contact with organisations that can help you develop your plans.
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Emma Hoddinott