Take Action on the Agriculture Bill

Emma Hoddinott
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30th November 2018
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30th November 2018
28th February 2021
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Read about how you can take action on the Agriculture Bill to support co-operative farmers.

Co-operatives play an important part in agriculture, and we want to keep it that way.

Co-operatives provide farmers with mutual protection, cost savings and a louder collective voice – helping to safeguard farming in the face of uncertainty and market shock caused by Brexit.

That’s why we are supporting an amendment to the government’s Agriculture Bill to make it easier for co-operatives to succeed in farming. This is a key part of delivering Labour’s pledge to double the size of the co-operative economy.

Help us support the growth of co-operatives in farming by writing to your local paper using the draft letter below.

Draft Letter
Tips for writing your letter
Action Points
  • Write to your local newspaper
  • Let us know if you get it published
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