Tips for running a great street stall

James Butler
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8th August 2018
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8th August 2018
27th October 2020
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Many branches are vastly experienced at running a street stall and need no advice. For newer officers, here are a few tips which will help make a good stall into a great one.

Why run a steet stall?

Running a street stall may not be terribly fashionable but they are the backbone of most campaigns. Well-placed, they are an effective way of raising the profile of any campaign in the eyes of your community.

Making it happen

We’ve broken down the organisation into simple bite sized steps.

Step 1 Set a date and choose a location
Step 2 Promote it
Step 3 Sort out what you'll need
Step 4 A few days before
Step 5 Smile
Step 6 The day after
Action Points
  • Set date, time, location
  • Get people to commit
  • List of what you need
  • Have fun
  • Follow up
For more information

Need advice? Get in touch with our Campaigns Officer.

James Butler

Campaigns Officer