Tips for writing a great letter to your local paper

James Butler
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8th August 2018
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8th August 2018
27th October 2020
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We have put together a short guide for members wanting to write a "Letter to the Editor" to their local paper to promote our campaigns. 

We encourage officers and members to write to their local newspapers about the work of the Co-operative Party.

Letters to the Editor are a great way to raise the profile of our campaigns and of the Co-operative Party in general. Here are some tips to help maximise the chances of the letter being published.

What is a letter to the Editor?
Why Editors like the letters page
Key points to bear in mind
What doesn't work
Putting pen to paper
Where to send the letter
What's next?
Action Points
  • Make the letter relevant and short
  • Check if it is published
  • Share it
For more information

If you need a hand writing the letter

James Butler

Campaigns Officer