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John Boyle
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29th July 2022
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29th July 2022
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19th April 2024
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We have for a while been asked by Branch and Party Council Officers forĀ  leaflet packs to use at an event coming up shortly in their area. As well as asks for merchandise (Merch as it now apparently is called)

We do have a range of leaflets, mainly based around our campaigns, policy areas and election periods.

Please note in this Buzz briefing there is a separate request for people to order pull ups (some call them banners)

Just a reminder at this point, we usually charge our branches or Party Councils for the cost of the pull ups, merchandise and courier charges for the leaflets.

We are constantly revising and updating our leaflets and having a look at our merchandise.

We want to know what you would like, what you feel might be useful for you to use on a stall, to hand out to members of the public, or to members of the Labour Party or a Trade Union to encourage them to join.

Don’t be coy, we can look at lots of things, obvs we will check all our supplies meet ethical standards. Also do not be coy about asking for something outrageous. We may say no due to cost, or indeed it is outrageous, but I’m sure we will also get some brill suggestions.

Oh and if you are a Party Council officer, please check with your branches what they want or need. See if they can be held centrally for efficiency.

If you are a Branch officer, please let your Party Council know what you have, or have asked for, and ask them to let you know what they have, or that neighbouring branches have.

Please contact

Let us know if you have a Facebook Page for your branch or Party Council
Action Points
  • Recruitment materials
    Are there materials, digital or paper, that you think would be helpful in your area to help recruit members?