Statement on Conduct and Safeguarding

The Co-operative Party believes that our co-operative values should be reflected in our actions as well as our policies.  We want all members and all our event participants to feel safe, welcome and respected in our Party.   

We want this Conference to be accessible and welcoming, encouraging maximum attendance and participation and conducted in a friendly and co-operative way and in a manner that enables all views to be heard. 

There is no place in the Co-operative Party for intolerance or abuse. We take seriously all complaints of harassment and discrimination and will not tolerate such behaviour at this Conference or on-line.   

The Party has clear rules on harassment, abuse and discrimination, which are set out in our rules on membership here and on conduct, including social media conduct, here. 


The welfare of children and adults at risk is paramount and it is the responsibility of all staff, volunteers, members and elected representatives to behave with integrity, maturity and good judgement. 

You can read our policy on safeguarding here. 

Sexual Harassment 

The Co-operative Party has a procedure for dealing with complaints of sexual harassment.   

Sexual harassment is action of a sexual nature which is not welcomed by the person suffering it.  It can include, but is not limited to: unwanted physical contact; sexual teasing or suggestive remarks; sexual assault; requests for sexual favours; sexist jokes; display of explicit or indecent images. 

What are we doing to keep you safe at this event? 

During conference sessions hosted on Zoom, the private chat function will be switched off.  You won’t be able to send or receive messages that cannot be seen by staff. 

All of the other platforms used to view or access conference sessions, such as Facebook and YouTube will be monitored by a member of staff at all times. 

Breaches in our standards of conduct may result in a participant being excluded from that session or from the remainder of the Conference.  For members of the Party, this may also mean referral to the disciplinary process under our rules. 

We will also remind contributors and attendees that these sessions will be seen and heard in peoples’ homes where there may be children present, and they must ensure that their language and behaviour is appropriate at all times. 

If you have any concerns about conduct or harassment during any of our events please contact Karen Wilkie – or the member of staff present. 

If you have any concerns about, or witness something that may be a safeguarding issue during this Conference you have a duty to report it immediately.  Please contact Karen Wilkie on 07930 415488 or any member of staff. 


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