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New community-led housing offers hope to London’s older LGBTQ+ community

Yesterday, Tonic Housing made history - new funding secured from the Mayor of London means they will become the UK's first LGBTQ+ retirement community. Their success is a powerful testament to the power of communities co-operating together to find solutions to the problems they face.

Is commonhold the answer to leaseholders trapped by unsafe cladding?

Nine in ten private blocks with Grenfell-style cladding are still covered in cladding - meaning leaseholders are stuck in unsafe homes with significant bills. These voters need Labour - work with the Co-operative Party on leasehold reform and commonhold tenure are a good start.

Why we need to build on the success of co-operative housing in Wales

To put Britain’s lack of co-operative housing in perspective, there are more co-operative housing homes in Vancouver than the whole of Great Britain. With the shortage of affordable housing in Wales, we cannot afford to not take every possible opportunity to increase the number of properties available.

New flats being built

Labour’s commonhold proposals offer leaseholders hope

Labour’s leasehold announcement today is welcome – not only does it end the misery faced by too many leaseholders exploited by unfair ground rents, but it provides new democratic ways for homeowners to manage their properties together through a reform of Commonhold.

The case for reforming private renting

Based on conversations with Britain's growing army of private renters, IPPR's latest report is a timely reminder of the scale of the crisis—one that co‑operative solutions can play a key role in solving.

Housing Market Reform Bill

The Co-operative Party's Chair Gareth Thomas MP has introduced a private members' bill calling reform the housing market.

Jonathan Reynolds MP: Co-operative Housing Tenure needs to be recognised

Co-operative housing models play an important role in the UK’s current housing crisis and have proven to be affordable alternatives. Housing co-operatives have helped many families that were struggling to get a foot on the housing ladder and we must be committed to providing them with the full backing of the law, says Jonathan Reynolds MP, who is leading a debate in Parliament this afternoon on the subject.