Northern Ireland – Co-operative Party

The Co-operative Party in Northern Ireland was launched on 1 July 2009 at the Ulster Hall, Belfast with the General Secretary in attendance. Members present unanimously agreed to form the Co-operative Group Northern Ireland Co-operative Party and elected officers and an executive.  The Co-operative party in Northern Ireland is currently agreeing its manifesto.  The Party will work in partnership with like-minded organisations to promote co-operation and will campaign on issues related to co-operative development.

The Co-operative Party in Northern Ireland is affiliated to the Labour Party in Northern Ireland and permits members of the Labour Party or the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) to join, provided they are members of a co-operative society. The Co-operative Party will also work with individual members of political parties represented in the Northern Ireland Assembly, on promoting mutual or co-operative solutions to social and economic problems in Northern Ireland.

The Co-operative Movement is based on a set of values and principles.  The Co-operative Party is the Party of social justice. We believe that people can achieve more by working together than they can by working alone. We will work to promote co-operatives and all forms of mutual organisations.

With your help co-operatives can play a part in creating a society where people are put before profit and where profit has a social purpose.