About becoming a member – Co-operative Party

Why become a member?

Members can attend and vote at local meetings, become a delegate to our Conference and access support and training to develop your campaigning skills and help you represent your local community. You’ll also receive a membership card and regular emails and magazines about the Party.

So, whether you’d like to support our work to put co-operative values at the heart of politics or want to get stuck in and campaign for a fairer society, join now and together we can make a difference. We have a variety of membership rates starting from only £3 per year - our standard rate is just £3.15 per month.


As a member of the Co-operative Party you get a variety of rights and benefits, including:

  • You join the political voice of a co-operative movement with millions of members in the UK and more than one billion across the world;
  • You can vote and stand in elections to our National Executive Committee after you've been a member long enough and decide the Party’s policies through our member-led policy process;
  • You may take part in selections for Labour & Co-operative candidates for Parliament, devolved institutions and local government – you can even stand for election yourself;
  • You can take part in your local party by attending and voting in meetings, be elected an officer or become a delegate to our Annual Conference;
  • You get access to training and support to help you campaign, develop co-operative policies or stand for election to represent your community;
  • You receive a membership card as well as regular emails and our twice yearly magazine, keeping you up to date on our work along with information about campaigns from across the co-operative movement;
  • You will meet other co-operators, locally and nationally, and together help to change your local community and work towards a fairer society.

The Co-operative Party is an independent political party with an electoral agreement with the Labour Party. Since we signed this agreement in 1927, we have a unique relationship meaning that you can be a member of both political parties. You do not need to be a Labour Party member to join the Co-operative Party, but you cannot be a member of another party.

To become a member of the Co-operative Party you will need to complete our short application form - membership of the Party is separate from your society membership.

To be a member of the Co-operative Party, you must also be a member of a recognised co-operative society - there are nearly 7,000 co-operatives in the UK, with millions of members.

After we receive your application you should receive your membership card, welcome pack and details for your local party within two weeks.

You can attend local meetings as soon as you apply, and after three months you will be able to vote at meetings, selections and elections. When you have been a member for ninemonths, you will be able to stand for election for local Co-operative Party positions.

We have a variety of membership fees and payment methods to make membership of the Party more accessible.

  • Higher/Solidarity Rate: £62 per year or £5.15 per month
  • Standard Rate: £38 per year or £3.15 per month
  • Concession/Reduced income: £26 per year or £2.15 per month
  • Youth (14-19): £3 per year

We prefer members to pay by Direct Debit as it significantly reduces our costs, meaning more of your membership fee can be spent on more important things.

If you don't want to set up a Direct Debit you can also join the Party with your credit or debit card.

If you prefer to pay be cheque or don't want to join online, please call us on 020 7367 4151 to request an application pack.