Membership Terms & Conditions – Co-operative Party

Applying to join the Co-operative Party

  • By applying to join the Co-operative Party, you are making the following declaration:
    • I declare myself a Co-operator.
    • I agree to accept the rules and to promote the policy and values of the Co‑operative Party.
    • I am not a member of any political Party other than the Labour Party or the Social Democratic and Labour Party.
    • I am a member of a co‑operative recognised by the National Executive Committee of the Co‑operative Party.
  • You are also stating that you meet the Conditions of Membership as set out in the Co-operative Party Rule Book, including:
    • You accept and conform to the Rules, principles and policy of the Party
    • You are at least 14 years of age;
    • You are on the electoral register at the address that you have provided in your application;
    • You are not a member or supporter of a political organisation in opposition to an official Labour Group or other unit of the Labour Party.

Processing your application

  • When applying to join the Co-operative Party you will be asked for the name of a recognised co-operative you are a member of. If you don’t provide this information on your application, the Co-operative Party will contact you with further information. Your application will not be processed until this information has been received.
  • Provisional membership rights start from the date you apply or when you confirm your membership of a recognised co-operative. Provisional membership rights last three months and during that time you can attend your Co-operative Party meetings in a non-voting capacity and your membership can be rejected – you would be advised in writing and depending on the reason you could have a right of appeal.
  • You receive voting rights three months after your application for membership is processed, and you will be eligible to stand for election as an officer, delegate or representative of the Co-operative Party nine months after your application for membership is processed.

How we use your details

  • By supplying personal data to register as a member you agree that the Co-operative Party, local Co-operative Party branches and parties, and elected representatives of the Co-operative Party may contact you using any of the data supplied.
  • Upon receipt of your application for membership your email address will be added to our email list – this is to faciliate your membership of the Co-operative Party. We will never share your contact details and you can opt-out at any time using the unsubscribe link in each email we send.
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