Council Candidate Application – Co-operative Party

If you are a candidate for the 2021 English local elections, you can use this form to apply for the support of the Co-operative Party.

If approved by your local party, this means you can stand as a joint Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate.

Before you complete this form, there are a few things to note:

  • You must be a current member of the Co-operative Party and up-to-date with your membership fees (you can join the Party here or renew your membership here).
  • Please only complete this form when you have been selected by the Labour Party to stand in a specific ward.
  • Once validated, your application will be passed to our local officers to approve your application in keeping with our Privacy Notice.
  • Please note that in some parts of the country, candidates may be asked to meet additional local requirements such as completing a local application form or attend an interview with officers.
  • Endorsement as a Co-operative Candidate also does not mean an automatic donation to your campaign, which vary from council to council.

Read our Local Elections Briefing

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Co-operative Councillor Registration