A co-operative plan for a Britain where power and wealth are shared

The Co-operative Party's policy platform in advance of the 2017 General Election

thumbnail of Coop scot manifesto Jan 2017 – 3mm – final
Making Scotland’s Councils Co-operative

The Scottish Co-operative Party 2017 Local Election Manifesto

A Co-operative Agenda for Scotland

The Scottish Co-operative Party's agenda for the 2016 Holyrood elections. Introduction by Kezia Dugdale MSP

thumbnail of WALES-AGENDA-full-FINAL-BLEED
A Co-operative Agenda for Wales 2016

Full text of the Co-operative Party Manifesto for the 2016 Welsh Assembly elections

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A Co-operative Agenda for Britain 2015

The Co-operative Party's 2015 UK General Election Manifesto

thumbnail of A-Fairer-Co-operative-Scotland-25pp
A fairer, better, more co-operative Scotland

A collection of contributions from across the Scottish Co-operative Party. Preface by Cathy Peattie

thumbnail of A_Co-operative_Vision_for_London_2014-DC-edit-FINAL
A Co-operative Vision for London Boroughs

London Local Elections Manifesto 2014

thumbnail of London-Manifesto-2012
2012 London Manifesto

A Co-operative agenda for London 2012

thumbnail of Wales Manifesto 2011
2011 Wales Manifesto

A Co-operative Agenda for Wales

thumbnail of Local Govt Manifesto – England
2011 Local Government Manifesto (England)

A Co-operative Agenda for Local Government

thumbnail of Co-operativePartyManifesto
2010 Co-operative Party Manifesto

A Co-operative agenda for a fourth term

thumbnail of 2005 ManifestoFINAL
2005 Co-operative Party Manifesto

2005 General Election Manifesto