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Co-operatives UK: Standing up for staying in

Internationalism has always been at the heart of the co-op movement – which is why Co-operatives UK supports remaining in the EU, writes its Chair, Nick Matthews.


Fear and fatalism stalk the debate on social care – co-operative values point to a better way

There is a gap in public debates about wellbeing and care - co-operative models can create services that boost social capital and improve health outcomes.


Tony Lloyd Co-operative Party choice for Greater Manchester mayor

Following hustings and a ballot at its meeting on Friday, the North West region of the Co-operative Party has voted to select Tony Lloyd as its preferred candidate for Greater Manchester Mayor.


Co-operation between European countries? Co-operatives depend on it.

Co-operation between European countries remains crucial for the co-operative movements within them to thrive.


Still waiting for the revolution: how do we build more co-operative homes?

The benefits of co-operative housing are screamingly obvious. But what will it take to make it snowball in the UK?


Co-op members vote to maintain Party subscription

The Co-operative Group's members have once again voted overwhelmingly to continue their subscription to the Co-operative Party - with over 78% in favour.


Co-operative AMs take key roles in Welsh Government

Labour & Co-operative Assembly Members have been appointed to key roles in the new Welsh Government