In recent weeks Scottish Co-operative Party members have been lobbying their local MSPs from all parties to ask them to back David Stewart’s Bill.

Today the Scottish Government agreed to take on these proposals.  The Scottish Co-operative Party welcomes this sensible move by the Scottish Government in response to people power with 94% of respondents to the consultation on the Bill supporting it.

Along with David Stewart, the Scottish Co-operative Party will be taking a keen interest in the progress of legislation to ensure that the Scottish Government’s proposals are effective and improve fire safety and protect communities across Scotland.

Scottish Co-operative Party MSP for the Highlands and Island David Stewart said:

“Fire sprinklers have been proven time and time again to be effective in the fight against fire and I know that this move will save lives.

The strong backing for the plans from the public, industry and across the Parliamentary Chamber has been so encouraging and I am delighted that the Scottish Government have seen the sense in these proposals and have decided to take them on.

I want to thank the Scottish Co-operative Party for their support and thank fellow co-operators who have been asking their MSPs to support my Bill.

The ball is now in the Government’s court to respond effectively and quickly to this overwhelming support.

I intend to work closely with the Government on the plans and will continue to campaign to ensure that this new requirement makes it onto the statue books as soon as possible.

My hope is that, as fire sprinkler technology becomes more widely used, eventually all Scottish homes will be protected by this life saving technology.”