Hunger has no place in modern day Scotland. However, despite this, millions of families across the nation live in food poverty – a crisis which has been only exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Access to food is a human right, but it is currently being denied to too many people in Scotland. To make that right a reality, we need the ability to enforce it.

That’s why I’ve brought forward a Bill in Holyrood to incorporate a Right to Food in Scot law – placing the responsibility on the Scottish Government to ensure that nobody goes hungry.

It’s not right that in a wealthy nation like Scotland, people are struggling to feed themselves. We need urgent action – and the public agree.

Recent polling shows an overwhelming 81% of the Scottish public believe there should be Right to Food written into law. The Scottish Government can no longer dither or delay on this.

I’m proud as a Labour and Co-operative MSP that the Co-operative Party have taken this issue head on. The Co-operative Party, alongside the wider co-operative movement, have been at the very forefront at tackling food injustice – from supporting local initiatives delivering a dignified response to food poverty within communities to campaigning for the legal Right to Food across the UK. This is our movement at our very best – only by working together can we end food hunger.

By bringing forward this Bill, we are sending a clear message to the Scottish Government to finally give the food poverty crisis the attention it deserves, and end hunger in Scotland once and for all. Their inaction has failed families and children across our nation.

Fighting to end food insecurity has never been more important. It is a shame on us all. Now is the time for action – it’s time for legislation.