Following the May 2022 elections in which we fielded our largest ever cohort of candidates with over 1,000 across England, Scotland and Wales, we have already been working towards supporting our candidates standing in May 2023.

The Co-operative Party now boasts its historic high number of over 1,200 elected co-operators but we know we can only continue to achieve through increasing our representation at local government level and speak with one voice for the co-operative movement.

Whether it is tackling food insecurity in our communities, ensuring our councils are considering fair tax and modern slavery in their procurement processes, or building community wealth it is our elected Labour and Co-operative councillors who are taking the lead.

Even prior to the current energy crisis we have long been campaigning for community-owned community energy co-operative solutions, but we can see now more than ever how badly this is needed.
With over 500 already signed up to our Council Candidate Development Programme or applying to restand as Labour and Co-operative next May, will you be joining us?

The CDP offers something for everyone from first-time candidates through to seasoned Labour and Co-operative councillors with training sessions relevant no matter where you are on the journey including training sessions for those seeking selection through to delivering Co-operative solutions locally such as credit unions, education centres and social care co-operatives.

Join us today and take advantage of our training, events and support network of party staff and 1,200+ fellow Labour and Co-operative councillors.

How does it work?
• You can join the programme at any time and dip in and out of the training as you wish
• Once your name is submitted, we will inform the local Co-op Party Council of your interest in standing as a Labour and Co-operative candidate
• If you are already a selected Labour candidate, the Party Council can then consider your application for Co-op endorsement straight away
• If you are not yet a selected Labour candidate, please let us know as soon as that changes and we can then inform the Party Council so they can make their decision
• Once endorsed by the Co-op Party, you can then stand for election under the party description “Labour and Co-operative Party” and use our branding