A Strategic Plan for the Co-operative Party – Guide for local parties

Karen Wilkie
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6th May 2019
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6th May 2019
4th June 2020
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This is a Strategic Plan for the Co-operative Party for 2019-2021. It is based on renewed Strategic Objectives developed by the Party’s National Executive Committee in November 2018. The Strategic Plan will be used to direct the Party’s work and priorities through to the end of 2021, and for reporting to members on our progress.

Much of the Strategic Plan will be implemented by the NEC, elected members and full-time staff but there is also a lot for local parties and individual members to do enable us to reach our objectives.

This guide is intended to offer suggestions for action by local co-operative parties to support the plan and to highlight additional help for you to do this.

Supporting the expansion of co-operation at every level
Promoting participation and empowering members
Enable the delivery of co-operative solutions locally, regionally and nationally in every sector of society and the economy
Inspire and educate our audiences about the achievements and potential of the co-operative movement
To have an engaged, diverse and growing individual and organisational membership that values the Party and its work
Ensure that the Party is organisationally and financially sustainable
Support the election of co-operators at all levels of government
Action Points
  • Strategic Plan - action for local parties
    Please include actions in this guide in your local party's plans
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