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Nutritious and healthy food is a right.

Millions of people in the UK are struggling to feed themselves and their families. The food poverty crisis in the UK is not getting the attention it sorely needs.

That’s why the Co-operative Party is campaigning for food justice, tackling food poverty locally, and campaigning for a more strategic approach to the issue nationally.

In the sixth-richest country on earth, people are going hungry.

People in the UK having trouble putting food on the table
People in the UK using food banks in the past year
Percentage of the NHS budget spent on treating Type 2 diabetes
People in the UK living in food deserts

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8 million people in the UK struggle to put on the table and are ‘food insecure’.

That’s why we’re calling on Government and the other main political parties to support incorporating Sustainable Development Goal 2 (“zero hunger by 2030”) into UK law.

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