Review of Party Rule Book and proposed changes for 2018

Karen Wilkie
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2nd July 2018
Last updated:
3rd July 2018
25th May 2020
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The NEC is reviewing the Party’s Rule Book to make it clear, simple and consistent. Ahead of formally proposing these changes at Conference in October, party officers are invited to send their questions and feedback.

Step one in this process is to update the rules where necessary. These amendments will be put to Annual Conference 2018 to be ratified.

The second step, after Annual Conference, will be to redraft the Rule Book in simple language, separating out the rules from the policies and procedures.

Unlike the formal rules, changes to the Party’s policies and procedures don’t generally need to be voted on by Annual Conference but the NEC will continue to consult parties and affiliates before proposing significant amendments.

Please contact Karen Wilkie by 27th July if you have any comments or questions.

Karen Wilkie
Deputy General Secretary & Company Board Secretary

Summary of proposed rule changes

The NEC is proposing seven rule changes to Annual Conference 2018.  Changes to some of the policies and procedures, including those for Annual Conference, are also outlined below.

Any changes to these rule amendments that are suggested by local Parties or affiliates will be considered by the NEC Rules Sub Committee before the final rule changes are included with the Final Agenda for Conference.

Simplifying the membership declaration
Elected representatives and candidates must abide by the Labour Party's rules
Anyone who stands for election, or acts as the election agent for someone standing against a Labour candidate may not join the Party for a period of five years following that election
Extending the rule prohibiting support for candidates standing against Labour to include social media
Amending the clause on conduct and discrimination to include age and to apply to applicants as well as current members
Delete the requirement for Party Councils to consider all membership applications.
The NEC may apply a temporary moratorium on membership applications in a branch, party or region
Procedural rules for Annual Conference - simplifying the process for emergency motions
Co-operative Party Disciplinary Committee (currently Section D)
Disciplinary Procedure (currently Section F)
Parliamentary Panel (currently Section H)
Action Points
  • Comments or questions?
    Please contact Karen Wilkie by 27 July
For more information

If you would like to discuss any of these proposed changes or have feedback, please get in touch.

Karen Wilkie

Deputy General Secretary