Goodbye and hello!

John Boyle
For attention of:
9th April 2019
Last updated:
10th May 2019
28th July 2021
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We say goodbye to Ben West and hello to Mark Whiley, our new Digital and Communications Officer.

I have to report that Ben West has left the post of Digital and Communications Officer, a post he has held since 2013.

Ben has revolutionised the Party’s presence in the digital world and raised the profile of the Party amongst the media and society in general. He has been the most superb support to all colleagues and members with their digital problems (especially me). He has always been a joy to work with and will be much missed.

However he has been greatly influenced by his time in the Party, as Ben is staying with the Co-operative Movement as he moves to one of London’s biggest Credit Unions, to be a Board Director (Marketing) at London Mutual Credit Union. And so we know we will still keep in touch.

I am pleased to report that we welcome Mark Whiley  to the post, he is able and totally qualified to fill, being experienced in Marketing Communications, Web design, Digital and events co-ordination. He has moved in seamlessly and is up and running. Look out for messages from him, from a variety of digital sources.