Local Government Selection Procedure

Shane Brogan
For attention of:
28th September 2020
Last updated:
1st October 2020
17th May 2022
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This briefing sets out the Co-operative Party process for selecting candidates to stand as Labour and Co-operative Party in council elections and was approved by the NEC in February 2020.

Candidate Eligibility
Withholding Endorsement
Additional Requirements
Multi-member Wards
Funding for Candidates
Support from Head Office
Action Points
  • Updated Procedures
    Read this briefing and discuss it at your next party council meeting so everyone knows what's involved
  • Candidate applications
    If you have elections next May, encourage candidates and re-standing councillors to apply for the Co-operative Candidate Development Programme
  • Approving Candidates
    Head Office will send you applications from candidates standing next May - you'll need to decide to approve or decline these applications
  • Changes to Procedures
    This is the new default procedures, if you want to make changes or continue to use your old procedures, these need to be submitted for approval